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Applications include: spray finishes, decorative finishes, texture finishes, wallpapers, standard paint finishes, floor finishes, stain and varnish finishes.


Projects include but are not limited to: commercial office refurbishment, retail refurbishment, factory refurbishment, domestic property refurbishment, all interior/exterior refurbishment work, and maintenance work.


Colour consultation: with over forty years industry experience our certified colour consultant will enhance the overall experience of transforming your project and working with you in making the right choices that ensure all expectations are exceeded using the most suitable products and materials..


Lead and Asbestos management: we are Lead and asbestos management certified and guarantee safe working procedures when working with Lead paints and asbestos surfaces.

Certified Enviro-Painter: we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact on all of our projects in order to protect the environment, minimize inconvenience to our clients and to assist those who may be sensitive to paint fumes.


Our philosophy also extends to our waste management processes. We use the innovative Enviro-wash system, a water-based paint wash-out and treatment system that turns paint wash-out into clean water and solid waste that can be disposed of safely. This will ensure there is no unsightly paint residue left on your premises. No washing of paint equipment takes place on site.We use a dustless sanding system further minimizing our environmental impact on all our projects.

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